table.FFG847 a:link {color:#0000FF} table.FFG847 a:visited {color:#D034D0} body {background-image: url("http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd269/metrosys/Clip%20Art/Backgrounds/forest.jpg"); background-attachment: fixed;} New in Package (NIP) 10 ea Medium Grit Drywall sanding Sponges
NEW 10 PACK SANDING SPONGES SPONGE MEDIUM GRIT * Flexible foam sanding pads conform to almost any shape without altering the contours of the item. * Great for sanding odd shapes, edges and into grooves. * Reusable and washable, they last longer than sandpaper with less cleanup. * Coated with an aluminum oxide abrasive for use with wood, drywall or metal. * Can be used wet or dry * 100 - 150 Med...
NEW 1/8 INCH 50 FT FISH TAPE * Flexible steel tape pulls cable & wire through drywall, conduit, insulation, & more. * Electrical, telephone & cable wires attach to pulling loop & wire is guided smoothly to new location. * Tape is 1/8'' W x 1/16'' thick 50 feet. * Reel winds up & stores excess tape as wire is pulled.
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